What to consider before creating an online course – How do I know when I am ready?

What to consider before creating an online course – How do I know when I am ready?

Here are 4 points to consider as a preamble.


Is there a need for your course? In other words, is there demand for your product? Are your clients waiting for your program?

Yes => What proof do you have? Are you overwhelmed by a full practice or too many workshops to give? Are your clients and prospects asking for an alternative to have access to your services? Or are you anticipating any of these situations?

No => I suggest you test interest with 20-25 personnes. You can say something such as, “I am thinking of creating an online course/programme (fully online or blended) of X hours/months with which you could learn to XYZ for $000; would you be interested?” Or create a quick prototype to test the system (don’t spend more than 2 days on this).


Is you material ready? 

On a scale from “Everything is ready, I know what I want, I formalized my resources or I can do it in very little time (a week)” to “I am just starting to think about what I should do”, where are you?

If a lot is still in your head, maybe you could start by birthing your ideas on paper? Write a (small) book in 3 months? (I can help you with the structure of your book).

If everything is scattered (newsletter, articles, blog posts, notebook, training material, book…), maybe you could start decluttering your brain and set some objectives (I can help you with that too, by asking pertinent questions ;-)).

If everything is formalised (you have a great workshop or a conference ready): Congratulations! Now you just need to figure out how to adapt this format into a multimedia format (lots of possibilities here). 



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Aaah, content!

Is your content as efficient online and without you piloting it than it is face-to-face? In other terms, do you know for sure if your clients will have the same transformation online than in person?

I often see courses with a lot of information, but they have no strategy in place to make sure the learners will implement and be transformed.

What is your strategy?

I discussed some strategies in an article that you can grab from the home page of this website.



Often, technology is the first concern people share with me: what tools should I use? What platform? Is Udemy or Teachable good?

It’s important to ask questions: What am I going to use to create my programme? How are people going to access it? but it should come last, after considering the need, your material and the content.

It’s very similar to the process of creating a website; the most important is what is going to be inside your website: message, photos: the content! Then only the web designer (it can be you if you are game!) will choose the suitable tools.

So, are you ready? Book a Discovery Call with me and we can chat about your answers to the above questions 😉 (Select the BOOK A GET ACQUAINTED CALL from the home page).

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